Shantha and Sateen Wedding Ceremony

On January 17th, 2014 Shantha and Sateen along with their family and friends celebrated their marriage union at the beautiful Jain Center in Orange County. My husband Ben, myself and our awesome second/third shooter, Carl photographed their wedding and had so much fun capturing their special day!

This was truly a selfless and inspiring wedding ceremony! Sateen and Shantha’s vows reflected on their mutual promise to better their communities and care for the wellbeing of others. The focus was almost entirely on their individual commitments to living lives of service. By placing the focus on what they as a couple promised to commit to do for others they were promising a commitment to each other. It was quite beautiful. What is also rare about these incredibly talented individuals is the absence of entitlement. They are both professionally accomplished, hard working, talented and intelligent, but they still have helping others as a clear priority.

The Jain center then opened their arms to an incredibly diverse ceremony, where almost every major religion was represented and given an opportunity to bless the couple in their own diverse way. The atmosphere was friendly and kind and its no wonder that Sateen and Shantha wanted the Jain center to be at the center of their union.

I also did Shantha’s hair and makeup for her wedding ceremony. For her hair, I wanted something traditional yet bringing a modern element to her look. I created a side long braid and inserted colorful flowers in between. For her makeup, I used airbrush makeup to give her a flawless finish. I focused on giving her a more natural look for this event. Plus what Indian bride doesn’t enjoy all day complimentary hair and makeup touch-ups! 🙂

Sateen and Shantha certainly have their own love language that is communicated in their photos. There are lots of laughs and silly faces shared between the two, moments of quite tenderness, and a tangible chemistry. It is clear that they are soul mates meant for each other..

Thank you Sateen and Shantha for having my team and I capture your special wedding!

Shantha and Sateen’s wedding was also featured on Maharani Weddings and we are honored to be chosen as one of their Platinum status Photography, Hair and Makeup Teams.

With love and blessings,

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