2014 Grammy Awards Hair and Makeup

Hi Beautiful Friends!

So last night many of us enjoyed seeing all the red carpet looks for all our celebrity friends for the 2014 Grammy Awards. I loved seeing some real creative looks from hair to makeup. There were a few that really stood out to me, looks that I know my clients would love me to create on them! So here it goes:

I LOVED how gorgeous Chrissy Teigen’s skin looked all night. Her eye makeup, lips and cheeks were all so subtle and she looked so fresh and pretty. Her bronzer is my absolute favorite which I use on so many of my clients, bronzing powder Terra and her blush is my makeup kit must have, Giorgio Armani Blush in Beige Rose. For her lips, her makeup artist used Tom Ford in Spanish Pink. I also LOVE her hairstyle, it’s fun and her hair color is just right! Ciara too looked glowing and fabulous, yes her makeup is is gorg but she is pregnant so her skin looks so beautiful! She looks so happy too 😉 I love the faux bob, she looks effortless!

2014 Grammy Awards_0003.jpg

One of my favorite looks of the night was Sarah Hyland. She looked so fresh and pretty. Love her bright lip color and her skin looks dewy and healthy. Love her romantic updo which looks effortlessly put together. Anna Kendrick also looked GORG. Her hairstyle is very “red carpet” love the volume and deep side part. Her makeup too looked fresh and love her eyeshadow colors! Her makeup artist, Vanessa Scali used all Maybelline products on her.

2014 Grammy Awards_0007.jpg

I had to put these two lovelies together, as I love their eyemakeup and overall look. Taylor Swift looked so beautiful. Her ponytail was fabulous, love the height and volume, it’s a new look for her which I loved. Her eyemakeup too was so different, love the metallics and the brightening of the inner corner. Her sheer pink lip color really suited her overall look. Zendaya Coleman had stunning eye makeup, her skin too looks so lovely. Her makeup artist used Coco Chanel’s lip in Sentiment.

2014 Grammy Awards_0002.jpg

Katy Perry and Alicia keys both looked fresh faced and pretty with their top hairstyles. It’s a look I couldn’t pull off 😉 But both had glowing skin and a feeling of natural makeup which I really loved.

2014 Grammy Awards_0001.jpg

Some other favorites here. Miranda Lambert looked GORGEOUS. My dear friend Terri Apanasewicz created this fabulous look. Her skin is GLOWING and love her lip color. Will ask Terri what she used, need to get that one! Beyonce pulled off the strong eyemakeup and lip combo. Her makeup artist Francesca Talot did an amazing job on her!

2014 Grammy Awards_0004.jpg

I love how these ladies looked in their different lip colors. Kelly Osborne looks flawless. She kept her eye shadow to a minimum, focusing on the false eyelashes and gorgeous lip. Lorde too looked stunning. Her lip color is MAC Cyber and Heroine and she pulled it off so well!

2014 Grammy Awards_0005.jpg

I usually love false eyelashes to look really natural especially on the red carpet, but I think both Paula Patton and Rita Ora pulled off their glamorous lashes so well. Both have beautiful skin and makeup. For Rita’s makeup look, I love her purple eyemakeup combined with the baby pink lip color. Her hair looks fabulous too.

2014 Grammy Awards_0008.jpg

My two least favorite looks ;( In these cases I can see it’s not the artist’s fault 😉 Paris’ makeup is actually stunning, but the tan is just really bad and orange. Her hair is fabulous though! Madonna… I would love to see her without all the props and over the top outfits. She could look so stunning!

2014 Grammy Awards_0006.jpg

Ladies what look was your favorite? What makeup and hair combo was the best? Let me know your thoughts!

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