American Music Awards 2013 Hair & Makeup

Hey beautiful friends!

There were so many looks that I loved and also disliked from the American Music Awards. As a makeup artist and hairstylist I always love to see extremely polished, flawless and beautiful looking hair and makeup even if the look is meant to be slightly disheveled. I enjoyed looking at all the different styles and how each celebrity uses their hair and makeup look to balance out their style/gown.

Here are the hair and makeup looks seen on the red carpet in order of preference 😉

Maia Mitchell

I love her entire look! One of the first things that stands out to me is her amazing burgundy lip color. I think us ladies with thinner lips tend to be a little afraid to wear this color but it looks so amazing when paired with simple eye makeup and just enough blush to warm up the look. I love her side sweep, which is one of my favorite styles and so many of my clients are asking for this look. It’s great when you want to keep your hair down yet still look polished and sophisticated.

Naya Rivera

I love the hair! I don’t think a great blow out will ever not be in my good books! I love that there is so much movement in her hair, its bouncy and sexy and its not too sprayed down. Her makeup looks flawless, love the peach bronzed cheeks and nude caramel lip. She looks great!

Jennifer Hudson

This is a totally different look and one of probably would be so afraid of trying myself but I think she looks great. Her skin looks lovely and love that she is trying different colors.

Taylor Swift

I love her new hair style. Yes it’s a little choppy which we haven’t seen in a while but it gives her a little edge and the color is beautiful! I love her eye makeup in this look, it’s all bronzy and smokey with a cool take on the liner. Her skin looks healthy and glowy too.

Christina Aguilera

Everyone has been giving this look a hard time but I think she looks great. It’s so how I always pictured her to look (Burlesque comes to mind). She looks glam and I think the color choices for her makeup look beautiful. I would love to see her brows a little thicker though


I love her eyebrows, eye makeup, skin, lips…. oh and cheek color too. I think she looks fabulous. Her hair is fun, it suits her and its a nice break from the long ombre layers she has been wearing.

Zendaya Coleman

She has beautiful brows and her whole look is very classy. I would have loved to have warmed up her eye makeup and given her a more natural looking lash. Her lip color is very pretty.

Jaimie Alexander

Her makeup look is very natural here. She has beautiful skin and eyes. For this look I would have loved to see her give a little more color to her skin and eyes or lips.

Heidi Klum

Ok, she is pulling a funny expression here but I think overall her makeup looks great. I love the eye makeup and think it goes well with her overall look. I would have loved to see her skin slightly more dewy though.

Ariana Grande

She has beautiful hair, perhaps she should have tailored the half up half down hairstyle a little more, and covered the elastic band. Her makeup is ok but I feel she could have used a different lip color with the dress. Overall a nice look but perhaps it’s the dress that makes me want to change her hair and makeup look.

Lady Gaga

Its very difficult to comment on a makeup and hair look worn by Lady Gaga, as at first I didn’t even recognize her. I like her lip color and her skin looks dewy and healthy.

Emma Roberts

I think her makeup looks lovely, I would her preferred to hair to look more polished and sleek.

Katy Perry

Her eye makeup and lip color are great! Her foundation is heavy and I would have loved to have seen a more natural glow. She looks happy and confident and that’s the most important 😉

Nicole Richie
Her skin looks beautiful! I like what she has done with her eye makeup, perhaps I wouldn’t have used the same color tones and maybe blended out the colors a little more. I like her bronzed skin color and maybe a nice soft peachy nude color on the lips would have looked great!

Zoe Saldana

I like her smokey eye makeup, it looks very sultry and she looked gorgeous in that stunning dress. Her skin needed a lot more warmth and a nice lip color. She always looks so fresh and healthy and I would have loved to see more of this

Miley Cyrus

It was lovely to see her smiling with her dad on the red carpet. I would have loved to have seen her skin look a little more polished with a nice bold lip color. For the red carpet this look is perhaps a little too natural (and this is coming from me who usually loves natural! 😉

Jenna Ushkowitz
Great skin and lip color but what I do not like her is her eye shadow. “Blend blend blend is your friend friend friend till the end end end!” 😉

Now that’s it from me. What did you ladies think?

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