Baby Dominique Photography by Nicoletta Daskalakis

There is so much I can say about how absolutely precious and wonderful little Dominque was to shoot and how she literally melted my heart. To give you a sense of how cute her little personality was, my husband Ben, who has always wanted a little boy now wants a little girl because of meeting her. My husband would hold her and she would literally just look at him with huge eyes for minutes. Not only that, little Dominique was the last infant we photographed before finding out we were pregnant….so with that said there is definitely something special about this cutie pie and she will always have a special nook in my heart. When people say that children are a gift they definitely have babies like Dominique in mind!

One of the challenges of photographing infants and newborn photography is working around their regimented schedules. It can be really important to capture them while they are in the mood. The crazy thing about Dominique was that she was literally always calm, always smiley. Even when she did cry right before nap time it was more of a soft whimper then real crying.

My favorite photographs from the series are of mother and daughter standing against the soft window light. There is just something so precious about the bond between the two and I feel like the glow of light surrounding them suited the serenity of the two together. Yana, Dominique’s mother gave me some terrific advice for pregnancy. Stay calm! That’s difficult advice for a warm blooded Greek like me that loves to be on the go, especially in a cities like Los Angeles and Orange County, but apparently its true. If you want to have a calm baby try and be a calm mother during pregnancy. Yana is a tough act to follow but I will certainly try my best!

Yana (Yana Beauty Studio) is a truly dear friend to me, she is also a fellow makeup artist and hair stylist in the industry and I love collaborating business with her. She has been a loyal, kind and genuine friend and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Now I get to share my soon to be little baby girl with her Dominique 😉

Photography by: Nicoletta Daskalakis

Please enjoy the pictures of this precious little one!

By Nicoletta Daskalakis

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a Photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist based in Orange County and Los Angeles. She focuses on weddings, engagements, infant, maternity and family photography. Please contact her at

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