Best hair products for red carpet hairstyles

I have been obsessed with hair products since I was about 10. Having been blessed with curly, frizzy and course hair, I was always on the lookout for the next best thing for my hair. I use to cut out pictures of beautiful hairstyles in the magazines and bring them with me to the hairdresser. I remember when I was 16, I had hair down to my waist. I headed off to the salon and asked for Meg Ryan’s hair style in the movie “French Kiss”. The hair dresser was all too excited to chop all my hair off. I walked out with hair shorter than my dad’s hair! Let’s just say, being called “the boy” in an ‘all-girls’ high school was something I will not forget.

So here I am nearly 15 years later and I know ALL ABOUT HAIR; what products to use to create the perfect hair, how to style any hair type, how to maintain the perfect hair cut, how to get the best of what you have got and most of all, I listen (with HUGE EARS!) to what my clients want and need. Everyone is different and unique and their hair is just the same. It takes knowledge of different hair types and products to create the perfect look for each client. I am constantly learning and trying to be the absolutely best hair stylist I can be.

I have my beauty studio which I always work out of, however I also see my clients on location, therefore have to take all my makeup and hair products with me. I cannot afford to leave anything behind in my studio. For 2012, along with countless other hair products, I have mostly been using Oribe Hair Products which my clients all love. All the Oribe products are paraben free, UV protective, and color protective and combat frizz like no one’s business. I find that they are light on my clients hair and can be used on any hair type. This is THE HAIR LINE used on most celebrities hair on the red carpet today.

The price point is high, but you can expect great results.

My favorite Oribe products are:
Dry Texturizing Spray – this is a fire hydrant powder spray and gives insane volume and is also used to create Adele’s fabulous signature hair look
Royal Blowout – this is an amazing heat protectant, frizz fighter and gives the hair a sleekness that I have never seen with other products
Creme for Style – I love using this in client’s hair to create the perfect blow-out with hold to last all day
Anti-Humidity Spray – this finishing spray shields hair from frizz and actually WORKS!!
Maximista – this creates incredibly thickness and can make fine hair look extremely full
Volumista – This creates huge volume at the roots and makes the hair look super lush (think Kim K!)

If you have any questions about these products or perhaps products you are interested in and would like my opinion, please feel free to fill out my contact form and I will always try reply within 24 hours. Or even better write to me on facebook and you may get an instant response!

It’s a gorgeously hot day here in LA. Wherever you are in the world, have a beautiful day and stay fabulous!

Nicoletta Daskalakis is one of the top high profile makeup artists & hair stylists in the Los Angeles area. She is a makeup artist and hair stylist for bridal & wedding, fashion and editorial. Whether you are interested in wedding makeup services, bridal makeup or bridal hairstyling or even just interested in celebrity makeup and celebrity hairstyles and trend you’ve come to the right place to find out more!

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