Brooklyn Decker: cute bridal up-do hairstyles that I love to create

I am constantly looking for beautiful hairstyles to create or ones to show my brides.  I love that brides are requesting soft, natural up-do’s, or half-up/half-down looks.  Everyone’s hair has something special to offer in a style, but for these natural looks, it’s all about interwoven pieces, fly-aways, lots of volume and of course amazing textures!

Brooklyn Decker, wife of Andy Roddick (one of my favorite tennis players) has been seen this month with some of my favorite styles. Here’s the up-do Brooklyn wore to the Spike TV video game awards on Saturday. First, here is the picture of her from the front (oooh don’t you love her lip color?).

Image Credit: Glamour.com

I just love that the front is soft and wispy, with pieces going in different directions.  The key here is creating lots of volume and texture.  Below is a picture of that style from the back.  This is one of my absolute favorite bridal hairstyles, it’s so feminine, romantic and pretty.  I love creating this look worn at the nap of the neck or worn as a side chignon.  It’s important that the bun is full and blends into the style.

Image Credit: Glamour.com

Brooklyn wore this next up-do look to the 2011 Unicef Ball on last Thursday.  I love braids.  All different types of them.  If you are not comfortable wearing the braid all around your head, you can sweep the braid just across the front and tucked into your bun.  The key with creating this look is making sure that there are soft pieces framing the face.  Her hair is not pulled back into the braids.

Image Credit: celebrityfashion.onsugar.com

Hair styles have become so much more fun, creative and natural.  I get so excited to create these beautiful feminine looks on my brides. For those of you looking to have an up-do for your wedding or a special event, ask your stylist to try a few different looks using lots of texture and making sure to have the style looking slightly ‘messy’ yet put together.

Try these fun looks for your Christmas party!

Have a beautiful day gorgeous girls,

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a Wedding Makeup Artist and Hairstylist based in Los Angeles.

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