Celia + Tomas Wedding

The moment I met Celia I knew she would make such a beautiful bride. Celia and Tomas started off their marriage on April 28, 2012 focusing on their love and the faith that brought them together. The morning of their wedding, when I was doing Celia’s hair and makeup, all you could hear outside in the hallways of the hotel room was her groom to be running back and forth singing with excitement that today is the day! It was so cute and the two of them were so excited for their big day! Celia wanted her hair all pulled back, but soft with a small side bun. For her makeup we kept it very light and natural looking. Celia is a very young bride, and I found it so beautiful that she was so nervous yet knew that Tomas was the man she wanted to spend her life with and live her life’s adventures with. Thank you for such a fun morning!

I sent an email to Celia a few days ago asking her how marriage is treating her, and in reply she wrote back “I can’t believe how much laundry I now have to do!”

To washing our husband’s dirty socks and falling more in love because of it….

Makeup & Hair: Nicoletta Daskalakis
Photography: Mike Purdy Photography

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