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One of the easiest ways to position yourself as an expert in your niche so you can maximize your outreach and income is to create share-worthy content.

What does this mean?

Shareworthy content is material that people feel compelled to send to others. They feel it’s incredibly useful or valuable in some way and they want others to know about it.

This is also called pillar content because it’s the strongest, most engaging material found on your website, blog, or within your marketing campaigns and funnels.

Ideally, your content should always focus on 3 main things:

Connecting with your readers.  Your content needs to resonate with your audience so they begin to see you as an authority or expert on the topic. This means that your content needs to be well-researched, actionable, and comprehensive. Look at someone like Jasmine Star.  She always connects with her readers by posting about her life as a mom, wife, or businesswomen.  She makes sure that she includes all aspects of her audience and makes them feel heard. 

Persuading your readers.  Your writing needs to motivate them into taking action, even if that simply involves returning to your website again, subscribing to your newsletter or sharing your content with others. By asking a question or something that requires action from our readers at the end of our Instagram or Facebook posts.

In order to persuade readers, you need to earn their trust and convince them, through your content, that you are an expert on the topic and that they can learn something useful from you.

Exciting your readers.
   Your content should invoke excitement and convince people that you have something valuable to offer that will improve their lives in some way.

When people are excited about something, they naturally want to share it. They’ll talk about it to friends and family and spread your message amongst their own networking circles.  This is how content goes viral!

So, begin by thinking about what your primary objective is. 


  • Do you want to write a piece of content that motivates someone to subscribe to your list?
  • Will you require a specific action after someone reads your content?
  • Is your content designed to garner attention and gain trust?

Identifying your content’s objective before you start writing it is extremely important and will ensure that your material is direct, informative and hits the target. 

Once you know what your objective is, concentrate on conveying your message in a concise, direct manner.

Create exceptional, highly-targeted content that people will want to share because it speaks to them directly, communicates a positive message that supports your brand and demonstrates your knowledge on the topic. 

And above all else, explains to your audience what’s in it for them.

You want to gain the respect of your market so you can build an authority website that people turn to again and again, and you’ll do that by producing top-notch content that helps your audience in one specific way.

And if you are suffering from writer’s block and have no idea how to create shareworthy content, go to the source! 

Spend some time reading content from authority websites and influencers in your market. Identify the thought and study their writing style, their voice, and of course, the topics they focus the most time on.

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