Creative ways to use your wedding and engagement photos

People usually spend so much money on their wedding photos, and rightly so, they’re the only way to look back at one of the happiest days ever. But other than going through the files your photographer sends you, and maybe framing a few, people leave them unseen. We think this is such a shame!

Check out our top ways to use your wedding (and engagement) images to their full potential:

  1. Use your engagement photos in your wedding invites: Make your wedding invitations unique and beautiful and incorporate your engagement images to add that personal touch. Choose your favourite image as the cover to your invites or print it as a polaroid hidden inside the invite for guests to enjoy. Add your wedding date to the bottom of the polaroid so guests can keep it on their fridge as a reminder of your upcoming nuptials!
  2. Create a words and images book after the wedding. Ask those who spoke at the wedding to send you a copy of their speeches and even the ceremony and put those words into print, next to professional images of those people taken on the big day. If you had a guest book for well wishes, include those too next to images of the guests and remember the people and their words forever!
  3. Create a printed wedding album for those closest to you: As a thank you for all their hard work or support during the wedding planning, create a photo album for your parents, in-laws or grandparents and let them brag for years to come!
  4. Use them as thank-you’s: Either electronically via an email, or posted to each guest, use your favorite image as the foundation to your note of appreciation.
With all of these options, your wedding images certainly won’t be going to waste!

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