Derek and Jilian’s Engagement

“I am stronger than words and I am bigger than the box I’m in, and then I see her in the crowd and I fall apart.” ― David Levithan

Yay I recently finished the pics from our engagement shoot which featured two beautiful models Derek and Jilian! The featured pair were absolutely divine to work with and by the end of the afternoon were electric. These two simply melted into each other from the get go. They were playful and fun, sexy, serious, all of it.

One of the things I love to think about while I do makeup and hairstyling on my brides is how can I learn from them to live my life more fully and to love more deeply. One of the things I’ve learned is that its good to have relationship mementos. Human beings need reminders, we forget things. Try and have a few items that have significance to you as a couple…a CD, a teddy bear, a movie ticket…our memories can be amplified when we attach things to them that we can see and touch. I think its a fun thing for relationships so I decided to bring that into our shoot.

As silly as it sounds try and get a “Hairy” into your relationship. It might be more then a silly stuffed animal.

The goal of these engagement photos was to step back in time. We would be shooting against orange/deep red brick, around 50s cars and Jilian was to wear a timeless dress. There was to be an undertone of grittiness. My husband Ben and I wanted the photos to feel textured. I went with a strong fuschia pink lip and flowing hair that would complement Jilian’s playful dress from Aria. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!

Have a gorgeous day…and remember to start keeping fun mementos for your relationship!

With love and blessings,

Dress: Aria Collections
Photography: Beauty and Photography
Makeup, Hair and Grooming: Nicoletta Daskalakis

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