Easy ways to keep your bridesmaids happy

They’re your best friends and your wing women, and you can be sure they’re putting a lot of effort and love into your big day! Show them your appreciation by keeping these simple thoughts in mind:
  1. Let them have input into what they wear. Every body is different, and bridesmaids will struggle to be happy and helpful if they feel self-conscious in their outfit. Let them send you ideas of what they think looks best on them, and see if you can consolidate this into one choice for all of them, or allow them to each wear a different style (in the same color, to keep it uniform). They’ll be the best they can be if they feel confident and beautiful.
  2. Make them feel special along the way. Include an image and blurb about them if you’ve got a wedding website, mention them in your thank you speech, give them a plus one (no matter what) and include their names if you’ve got a printed wedding day program.
  3. Introduce them to each other and encourage friendship. While they’re all special to you, they might not be special to each other. Plan a few get togethers with all of them, free from wedding planning, where they can get to know each other better and develop friendships. This will help hugely when it comes to wedding planning!
  4. Be aware of the costs on their parts. Being a bridesmaid can (and does!) add up very quickly. The dress, accessories, jewelry, bridal shower, bachelorette and accommodation are just a few costs that can be expected of them. Try and keep other costs down or offer to cover a few things for them (like hair, make up and maybe their dress or accommodation). Find flight specials or be on the lookout for ways to save them a dollar or two along the way.
  5. Delegate the responsibilities. Split up tasks among all the bridesmaids equally, but also among other family members who have offered their assistance. Don’t leave everything to the bridal party, they’ll be so grateful for the extra help, promise!
  6. Stay grounded and calm. Even if your bridal shower and bachelorette weren’t exactly what you were expecting, or you’ve had a really stressful admin week, be aware of yourself and how you’re treating those around you and try to keep your bridezilla tendencies at bay.
Putting a tiny bit of effort and consideration into your bridesmaids goes a long way, and they’re remember and appreciate it for years after the big day!

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