Field Trip With My Daughter

When Ben and I got married we never sat down and talked kids.  Ever. We had a long-distance relationship for 3 years. I lived in Malaysia and then London, UK, and Ben lived in Los Angeles, CA. We spent three years on the phone with each other.  Crazy I know but it worked and we were so in love with each other’s hearts that nothing else mattered.  When I got pregnant it was a shock as it was unplanned. Once we had her we were both stunned why we didn’t have kids so much earlier.  It was incredible and we were (and still are) so insanely besotted with our Sophia.  Ben took these pictures of me and my special daughter right before our son was born.  We had this beautiful field right next to our home in Laguna Hills California and it was perfect for light-filled pictures.  We had fun that day and got ice-creams after.  Moments like these need to be captured. 

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