Glamour Women of the Year 2011: How they get that “glow”

This was a very glamorous event with the attendees like Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Lea Michele, and Jessica Alba.  The ladies looked so stunning but to me what stood out was their glowing, radiant skin despite the fact that winter gloom is now here.  So I would say that this weekend felt like the first days of winter, it rained and poured! The clocks also went back so it’s made the days so much shorter. Just because it’s cold and rainy, this does not mean we should hide under our blankets and forget about looking super gorgeous. In fact winter is a time when your skin can take a break from the sun, and be slathered in moisturizers without feeling greasy. You have to love the skin you have! The more you pamper your skin and give it lots of TLC, the better it will look and the more fab you will feel! When you look and feel fabulous, then you can conquer the world, succeed at your job, your relationship stays fresh and exciting and you will want to be the best woman you can be! As we head into the dry winter months here are some tips to create that beautiful glow from the inside out.

  • Moisturize – day and night! Do not miss out on moisturizing your skin and applying an eye-cream. Right now I am using Keils Avocado Eye-cream and Cetaphil Lotion. As the temperature gets colder this will help protect your skin from drying out
  • Use a SPF. It may be fall but the sun can still damage your skin. If you work in doors, the florescent lights in your office can also damage your skin, using an SPF will help
  • Get kissable lips. No-one wants chapped split lips in winter. The key to this? Hydration. If you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, your lips will stay plump and kissable. However if you need a chap stick I am loving DCT by Blistex as well as the Body Shop’s Hemp lip conditioner
  • Use an Illuminating Moisturizer if you are a fan of luminous skin (which I totally am!) This is a simple moisturizer with light reflecting particles which give that youthful glow and radiant skin

I have put together a list of top ten skin products I have personally used and loved and feel that they give me the illuminating glow that we see on so many celebrities (even in the dark of winter).  I am definitely not a fan of the “powdered look”.

  1. Clinique Uplifting Illuminator
  2. Clarins Flash Balm (this was my first illuminating experience and I got lots of compliments ;))
  3. No7 Illuminating liquid (I used this a few years ago – AMAZING and affordable)
  4. Revlon Skinlights lotion (another awesome product that you can find almost anywhere and is super affordable)
  5. High Beam by Benefit (add this to your daily moisturizer and voila – gorgeous glow!)
  6. MAC Iridescent Powder (if you really MUST use powder but want that “glow”)
  7. MAC Strobe Cream (I have used this on a few clients and they love it, looks great under foundation)
  8. Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisturizer (another product I simply love)
  9. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (#2, 3, 7 are my favorite) – add this to your moisturizer or foundation and you will be glowing all day long!
  10. Mineral Skin Products (a few cosmetics lines make these, go try them out, really great for those with dry skin who want that extra glow)

Now ladies let’s ‘glow for it’ as we head into these cold winter months.  No need to hide under the duvet or under your scarf… go flaunt that beautiful glowing skin all winter long!

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