Healthy glowing skin and lots of positive energy starts with juice!

I am a makeup artist, who’s obsessed with trying out every makeup product on the shelf and sharing my ideas and opinions with other women.  However I have always been focused on fitness and health too.  It doesn’t matter how much makeup you apply, that luminous glow effect truly comes from the inside out.  I have had flu the past couple of days, and thought this would be a great time to share my love of nutrition with all you lovely ladies.

This is me in South Africa (Jan 2012) after drinking a Powerhouse Smoothie. My skin is glowing…right?? 😉

I just got back from my trip to South Africa.  I was so impressed how healthy everyone is there.  From the moment the sun rises you will see people with their athletic shoes on, either hiking,  running or fast walking.  Everyone is super fit.  What stood out to me mostly was how many beautiful smoothies you can find there.  No matter the time of day or which restaurant you eat in, you are able to find a great smoothie combination on the menu.  This is very inspiring and I want to continue with this smoothie drinking habit here in Los Angeles.  Last night I had a sore throat and decided to squeeze a bunch of oranges and throw this along with some ginger into the blender.  Today, I feel fab!  There are so many benefits to juicing and it’s just a matter of dedication.

I love making my own juice and choosing all my own ingredients, and mixing in as many yummy fruits and vegetables as possible.  Most of all, I just love how I feel afterwards!  Makes me feel like I can achieve anything 😉 Making your own smoothie is far better. I recently tried a green smoothie from Trader Joe’s and I seriously wanted to puke.  It looked all healthy but I had one sip and gave the rest to my husband.  I will try and conquer the green stuff though!  I prefer to make my juices first thing in the morning.  I get really bloated if I eat a meal and drink a large smoothie after.  There are so many awesome, nutritious combinations out there all filled with vitamins, antioxidants (I love this word), minerals and energy boosting enzymes. Your body absorbs more nutrients from liquids than solids so get juicing!

I am always so focused on creating beautiful skin and getting my brides looking as flawless as possible.  Juicing has incredible benefits for the skin and helps remove all the toxins from your body.  For those on the go and who barely eat any fruit this is a great way to up your intake very quickly.  Here are some combinations of ingredients that I WILL be juicing in 2012 (and forever) and why.

Classic freshly squeezed orange juice.   Why.  Because it’s easy and because when I lived in Greece, this is the only healthy drink I could get my hands on quickly (at everest).  Orange juice is rich in antioxidants and is used to boost your immune system.  I also love to add banana in as it makes it a little more filling.

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Ginger, orange, kale, apple, lemon and carrot.

Ginger is incredible for those with digestive disorders and flu/cold.  Kale is full of calcium and antioxidants, and carrots are super-high in Vitamins A and C. Apples help lower cholestrol and strengthens your bones.  Again you don’t have to include everything I have here, but wow aren’t you getting all excited to be healthy!

Beetroot, carrots, apples, and ginger.

This one is lovely and sweet and definitely very tasty.  Beetroot purifies the blood and dissolves stones in the liver, kidneys and bladder.  Carrots help prevent infections, is great for the adrenal glands and can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Apples help prevent disease and has Vitamin C.

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Celery, spinach, cucumber, apple. ginger, lemon, and wheatgrass.

Here is a combination for the tough ones.  This is the strong green stuff but wow does it have so many benefits and one I WILL LEARN to drink! Celery is alkalizing and hydrating and is high in Vitamin A. Spinach (just think of Popeye) is filled with tons of vitamins and minerals.  Apples help lower cholestrol and strengthens your bones. Ginger (again) is amazing to combate colds and flues.  Wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifier, it cleans the blood and helps remove toxins from the body.

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Burdock Root. One of my friends, Kelly who is currently studying nutrition and herbology in Los Angeles emailed me a few days ago and told me to try Burdock root which is a lymphatic cleanser and great for the skin.  She said it will bring all the toxins out of the skin and liver and it’s one of the best herbs for detoxing the liver/lymphatic system.  This is what you do: You would boil 1 oz of the root up in 16oz of water.  Bring to a boil then let simmer for 20-40 minutes in a non-aluminum pot.  Strain the water/tea out and divide into two. This will be a two days supply.  Sip throughout the day at room temperature and store the rest in a glass jar in the fridge.
My friend, Kelly told me that it doesn’t have a terrible taste but isn’t delicious either:) You can also mix the decocted tea with your favorite tea.  She will be writing a blog soon, can’t wait!

Now I do not confess to know all about nutrition but I am passionate about health.  I was also raised to eat all the right things (thanks mom and dad), and I try to learn as much as I can from other health advocates.  It’s so important for me to eat right, stay healthy and be constantly positive!

I would love to hear any of your juicing ideas.  Please visit my facebook page and comment 😉

Have a healthy and happy week ahead lovely ladies!!

Enjoy life and stay beautiful!

 Nicoletta Daskalakis is one of the best makeup artists & hair stylists in the Los Angeles area. She is a certified makeup artist and hair stylist for bridal & wedding, fashion and editorial.

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