Greystone Mansion: Matt + Marcela Wedding

Matt and Marcela met at UCLA School of Law. Matt was obtaining his J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree, and Marcela her LL.M (Master of Laws) degree. They were classmates in two classes they consider to be some of the best courses they attended at UCLA Law (and not just because they met!) Marcela was hoping to learn more about income taxes with Matt, given his background in accounting. And Matt was hoping to, well, learn more about Marcela! 🙂 Ever since their first date on a sunny morning in Santa Monica, Matt never let go of his law school sweetheart!

It has been such an honor getting to know Marcela and Matt. Marcela has a heart of gold. After their wedding, Marcela came to my home and brought me gifts as well as amazing and personalized gifts for my little Sophia. It’s always such a blessing working with wonderful clients and even more when we become great friends through the whole process. I also really enjoyed getting to know her beautiful mother who came all the way from Brazil to celebrate their wedding.

Marcela and Matt thank you for letting me capture your love!

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