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Biolage Delicate hair shampoo:

I stumbled across this shampoo on one of those beauty sites and they had it on special for a liter. Yes, I know, who buys liters of shampoo but as you know, I have currently immigrated to Gran Canaria and from previous personal experience of living here where I resorted to cheap drugstore shampoo, I walked around looking like a horse with one dry horrible pony tail. I was not going to suffer the pains of brittle dry hair again. Now I have nothing against drugstore shampoo’s and hey, if they work for you, I am green with envy but I have quite dry, course hair which I color so I need all the help I can get trying to get this mane soft! This shampoo is great as it is for colored hair, contains argan oil but also has no naughty parabens and sulphur. Now I defy you to find a non sulphur shampoo that actually lathers in the shower but this really does. A lot of those more natural shampoo’s do just not lather and your hair never feels clean but this shampoo really is wonderful and will work on all hair types.

Redken Hair Cleansing Shampoo:

Now Ladies, for those of you alternating your normal shampoo days with a clarifying shampoo – you are already streaks ahead of us normal mortals and you are doing your hair a huge favor. I always remember a hairdresser telling me how I needed to wash my hair every alternate wash days with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of build up and I never quite got what she was saying but now living in the Canaries where the water is the worst I have ever experienced, very harsh with a lot of lime scale, my hair has definitely required nasty build up. I researched this product online extensively and it has almost all 5 stars on most beauty websites so I purchased some for myself and wow, its fantastic. It is great for swimmers and product junkies like myself and it works to remove the mineral deposits from water and styling product build-up on your hair and scalp, leaving it cleansed and product free. I know most of you out there are using a lot of styling products when it comes to using heat tongs or straighteners so you should really start using a clarifying shampoo on your every second wash day – say once a week to get rid of product build up on your hair.

Kerastase Masque Chroma Rich:

Now, I have to say, I know Kerastase has a fantastic rep amongst ladies who want to look after their hair but I have tried their different ranges of products and I have never really been blown away but I recently read fantastic reviews about this masque and living in the Canaries, I can honestly say my hair is taking a serious battering with the harsh water and climate here and I am seriously resembling Mufasa the Lion King. I know this because when my fiancé and I went to get ice creams the other day and I had just washed my hair, he turns to me and goes – “Gee, your hair is absolutely wild” – and not in a good way! So I have been on a hunt for a very moisturizing masque but also one that will protect my colored hair. As being a kerastase product, it is quite pricy but a little goes a long way and this masque works miracles on my hair. It leaves it silky and smooth and it also smells fab too. So if you are looking for a once a week deep treatment for your colored hair, this masque is really great and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Bye Bye Mufasa – hello Jasmine 🙂

(Beauty editor, contributing writer and sister of Nicoletta)

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a makeup artist and hair stylist based in Los Angeles. She also travels internationally for assignments.

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