How I Became a Jewelry Designer

The brand. The business. The why and the how. This is my journey from working at flea markets, to corporate banking to becoming a jewelry designer. This journey is ALSO never-ending. We are ALWAYS going to grow and improve even through adversity. You have to take it all in and be fearless when the next step comes. I have always been a HUGE believer in jumping in when you are NOT ready. If it doesn’t work out, then you’ve learned something valuable in the mistakes. IF it DOES work out, then you will be so thankful that FEAR didn’t hold you back. You guys, when I started my business the idea came to me sitting cross-legged on my lounge floor in our tiny cockroach-infested apartment. We had no money and we had no help. I was hungry. I was ready to build. I was EXCITED. Decisions change EVERYTHING.

I first started in the bridal industry as a makeup artist and hairstylist. I would meet thousands of brides and be a part of their special day, and it was from here that the concept for Brides and Hairpins was born. It felt like a natural progression from what I was doing as when you are creative with various hairstyles and fulfilling how a bride wants to look; I kept wishing that I had certain headpieces or veils headpieces that were lighter and didn’t weigh the hairstyle down. I feel that a striking headpiece is what sets a bride apart from the rest, and I wanted to create a collection that was beautiful but also unique and versatile and one that would cater to every bride.

We started with our first collection, and we would attend the New York bridal market every year, and eventually, our brand started to gain traction. One of our biggest clients has been Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, SAKS, and BHLDN for Anthropologie, and this was a huge blessing for us as it meant that our brand became mainstream. We have some incredible retailers now stocking our collection worldwide, and this is based on building great relationships and making sure we are giving brides pieces they can really love. 

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