How I Got Into Nordstrom


"We Need Your Entire Collection."


“We need your entire collection.” The words that changed everything.

I’m sharing the steps I took to get my products into Nordstrom. This is a strategy I believe every product-based business should follow. 

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HI! I'M Nicoletta

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I feel so privileged that I get to work and partner with women who are doing it all. This is an industry that is passionate about women.

I’m Greek/ South African /American. I’ve lived and worked in Europe, UK and Asia, Africa, South America, and now I live between Greece and Los Angeles with my husband Ben and our two children. I went from Investment Banking to an LA-based Makeup Artist & Hairstylist to Wedding Photographer to now owning one of the fastest-growing bridal accessories brands in the country. I’ve been on an exciting journey of taking risks, working insanely hard, and jumping into the deep end. I believe each person is here on purpose.