How to choose the perfect red lipstick for you!

So this fall the red lip is making a huge come back.   There is no other color that gives more glamour and mystery.   The biggest question is:  “How do you find that perfect shade of red lipstick?”  Take myself for example, I think I look so tragic with flaming red lipstick, but I still am so gung-ho on wearing the destructive little color.  I remember (when I was about 9 years old) watching Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and always wanting to wear that red lipstick with that red dress.  It makes a woman look so sophisticated and confident.  So my trick is, go to the cosmetic department stores and try every possible shade of red lipstick on.  When you feel you have found the color red that gives you the strength to rule the world, then you know you have found the right one 😉  To know how to choose the right shade of red, you need to know your skin undertone.  Is your skin undertone warm or cool?  You are warm if you have olive or yellow undertones. You should try a more orange red lipstick. I am wearing an orange red shade (pictured below) which is better with my skin tone.   If you are cool with a more pinkish undertone, then you should try a blue red lipstick like Julia Roberts.

No matter what your skin or hair color is, we can all pull off a red lip!!

Now ladies, go with your bold red lips and conquer the world!!

Have a beautiful Monday,

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