How to ensure guest comfort at your wedding

Other than you and your partner, your guests are the next most important people on your big day. You want them to leave the wedding with happy memories, feeling relaxed and joyful. There are so many small touches that people often forget, that make a huge difference to the guests experience on the wedding day.

  1. Make the food options vast. The food on the big day is a huge deal. The guests are often super hungry by the time the main meal is served, and the biggest disappointment is finding out it’s something they can’t or won’t eat. To ensure everyone is catered for, ask people to RSVP with any food allergies or dietary requirements that need to be considered. Once you know, let your caterer know how many vegetarians or vegans there are, and how many people there may be with nut or dairy allergies. Ensure you’re happy with the venues replacement meals for these people: that they are still filling and delicious like everyone else’s.
  2. Provide as much information as possible. Guests love to know what to expect on the big day, from transport to times and accommodation. If people are expected to walk from the ceremony to the reception venue then those who are elderly can make alternate arrangements ahead of time. You can also let guests know not to wear heels if the ceremony is on grass or a wooden slatted walkway. Other information to include is what weather to expect, what the dress code will be and where the best places to stay or visit in the area are if it’s a weekend wedding.
  3. Try and stick to the schedule. People have already arrived ahead of time to get good seats for the ceremony, so being that extra-late-bride is just plain annoying. Also make sure food gets served on time so people don’t end up grouchy and hungry.

It really is the small and special touches that take a wedding to the next level and leave guests feeling impressed and happy.

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