How to get the most out of your wedding photographer

Photography is usually one of the top investments on the wedding day, so you want to make sure you get the most out of your photographer and you’re truly happy with the images.

Check out our top tips for squeezing the maximum satisfaction out of your wedding day photographer:

  1. Have an engagement session: This usually acts as the icebreaker between the couple and the photographer, and provides time for you to get comfortable with the person shooting you on your wedding day. Many photographers’ packages include an engagement session, but if not, it’s really worth looking into adding one. These images are also great to use for the save-the-dates, wedding invites or as décor on the actual wedding day.
  2. Keep an eye on the time: Running late on the wedding day could affect how many images you end up receiving, and delays also add a stressful element to the big day that you really don’t need. When you’re putting together the running time for the day, make sure to be extra generous so that you have more than enough time to complete each task and nothing can negatively surprise you when the day arrives.
  3. Start your day earlier than you think you need to: This links to number one, and it makes a big difference. Couples who leave getting ready to the last minute will almost definitely receive fewer portrait images than those who leave extra time. Being dressed and ready early means more time for photos, but it also means more relaxation and a couple extra minutes to cheers champagne with your bridesmaids.
  4. Give some thought to doing a First Look: These are so intimate, quiet and special and they provide the most touching images. Choose a time when no one else is around and there is peace and silence. The bride usually walks up to the groom and taps him on the shoulder and the moment that he turns around is the real tearjerker for everyone involved.  This also saves a bit more time during the creative shoot, since you and your groom have already had images taken together.
  5. Keep the lighting in mind: Photographers work best when they have good lighting, at least a few times during the day. To make the most of the day, schedule your couple shoot during golden hour, just before sunset. If you can’t do this, make sure there are some shady spots around so you and your bridal party aren’t consistently in harsh lighting.

Wedding photographers know what they’re doing, so trusting them throughout the day is first prize! But keep these tips in mind to make the whole wedding day a seamless and joy-filled day from start to finish, and something that is pleasant for everyone involved, including your photographer. Doing this will ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck, but your photographer also feels respected and considered.

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