How to have the best wedding day ever

You only get one wedding day (we hope!) and you want to make the most of it. Spending it stressed, tired or frustrated means it’s way harder to just embrace and enjoy it for what it is. So much time, money and effort has gone into all the planning, and you and your partner deserve to love every minute of it!
  1. Be rested and well fed. This seems obvious, but may brides and grooms don’t pay attention to this one, and end up exhausted and hungry during their wedding day. Try to get a full night sleep and wake up on the morning of the wedding to a filling breakfast with protein and fats that will keep you fuller for longer.
  2. Brides, wear a clever shirt while you get ready. A t-shirt has to be pulled over your freshly done hair and make up, while a button up shirt can be unbuttoned and taken off, doing no damage to your gorgeous curls and lipstick.
  3. Grooms, make sure you have a list of what to do on the wedding day. Ask your bride to write one out for you and keep it handy, making sure you delegate so that every task gets done.
  4. Grooms, chat to your groomsmen. Let them know the kind of behaviour you’re expecting from them, what jokes to avoid and what you need help with on the day. Avoid any mishaps or mischief way in advance!
  5. Make sure you’ve got help at hand. A mini sewing kit, first aid kit, tampons, a stain removing spray or pen and some mints are all useful for any minor emergencies that could occur.
  6. Keep your phones away. Nothing is more important than your wedding day, and there are tons of people around you taking pictures that you can have as memories after the wedding day.
  7. Keep your composure during speeches. If something inappropriate is said, just shrug it off and move on. Chances are, no one but you has noticed the awkward story or embarrassing mess up.
  8. Don’t drink too much. It can be difficult if you’re having a great time and friends and family keep bringing you drinks, but you want to remember everything about your wedding day clearly, so don’t go overboard.
  9. Dance! Enjoy the tunes, mingle with guests and spend time grooving on the dance floor. It’s the one-day of your life where you have nothing to worry about but having the best time!
Keep these ten tips in mind, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the best day of your life! It goes by so quickly, so take it all in and smile!

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