How to treat acne after stopping the contraceptive pill and how to help post-acne marks

I stopped taking my contraceptive pill in June this year and I had no idea what I was in for.  I read so many articles, spoke with friends, doctors and nurses and came to the consensus that taking the ‘pill’ is not good for me.  Taking an artificial hormone is wrong, and I have learned that from watching my own body go through a break down. It’s been a cleansing process and now I feel so different.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved being on the ‘pill’.  Unlike a lot of women, I felt amazing being on it, I never suffered from PMS, never had period pains, had beautiful skin and hair and felt awesome!  My husband and I would like to have kids in a few years and I just don’t want to go through what I went through the past few months again, so I am not taking it EVER AGAIN!  My hair fell out in bundles and my skin was horrendous.  I got so much acne and I didn’t know what to do!  I was a lucky teenager and never had a blemish in my life.  As a 30 year old, this was a whole new ball game for me.  I literally went on a research binge to discover the best way to get rid of acne.  I bought expensive products,  and I even bought products that have benzoyl-peroxide in them (never do this, it’s the most aging thing you can stick on your face).  I felt like a dried out shoe on a summer’s day.  My skin was a mess.  Being a makeup artist, I go on and on how important the  skin is, it is after all your beautiful canvas.  Ok, it sounds like I am boasting, but I had never worn foundation in my life, except a little on my wedding day 😉  I became so self-conscious.  Ok now I am sure you are asking yourself what have I done to help my skin.  Simple.  Cetaphil.  It’s the cheapest and most effective product out there.  I use the anti-bacterial soap and moisturizing lotion. I couldn’t believe the difference.  My skin has done a 360.  I haven’t had a breakout in over a month.  Only thing however is I now have bad acne scars on my forehead.  I have been using the amazing bio oil to help the scarring and it’s helped a little.  I also take cod liver oil tablets which I believe has incredible properties and I have noticed the biggest difference.  I have also read that rose-hip oil helps a lot with acne scarring, I will give this a try too!  From having dry, flaky and just plain horrendous skin, my skin is now feeling dewy and soft.   If you do have a few blemishes, I would still recommend using salicylic acid, calamine or a drying lotion to help dry them out.  Tea-tree oil also fights bacteria that causes acne.

About three months ago, I was desperate and I tried a Liver Detox for three weeks. Many doctors say that acne is connected to the liver, which processes our hormones and I believe that too.  I didn’t notice any difference though, but then again, I didn’t change the way I eat.  I grew up in a household where we ate the traditional “greek’ way (meditteranean diet); eating lots of fruit and vegetables, fish, salmon, red-meat, legumes, etc.  Eating in moderation and lemon and olive oil with absolutely everything!  My only vice however is chocolate and all things chocolate, so I didn’t cut that out and I know simple sugars cause acne too.  Arg!

What I try to avoid:

  • Skin Toner:  this has always caused me to break out in some way, I don’t use them.  I am going to try witch-hazel which doesn’t have any alcohol in it.  Will keep you posted 😉
  • Facial wipes:  For example the Garnier facial wipes.  This causes me to also break out.
  • Touching my face:  I avoid touching my face at all times.  This includes putting the cell phone up to my ear, heard this causes breakouts too.
  • Pillows:  I now change my pillow case every three days, this is essential to keep your skin clean.  I use Moroccan/Argan oil in my hair and this goes onto my pillow and onto my face.
  • Fizzy drinks:  I only drink water and herbal teas.  I have always done this. At least two liters of water everyday!  I don’t believe we should drink anything else.  Ok I do love red wine, but excessive alcohol consumption is not good for your skin (or anything else).
  • Clarisonic:  I know this got amazing reviews, but I found it a little harsh on my skin and since stopping it my skin has improved a lot.  I do miss the ‘glow’ it gave me though!

Do you have any tips or product recommendations for hormonal acne, acne after stopping the ‘pill’ or post-acne marks?  I would love to hear them!!  Please visit my facebook and comment!

To getting beautiful skin with a simple solution!

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