How We Designed our Packaging

I think the hardest thing for any business creative in a product-based industry is deciding on your branding packaging from the get-go. For Brides & Hairpins, it took a couple of years before we created the boxes, colors, papers, and postcards we love and are so proud of. I think the most important task is to try EVERYTHING and then work backward. I am such a minimalist. I wanted my brand to reflect who I am and therefore attract customers who relate to our brand.

Your brand has to be that person you are simply dying to go for coffee with or want to have a girlie day out with or man-to-man golfing day with.  Your brand has to be relatable, honest, genuine, and LIKEABLE. 

Why Your Packaging is Crucial for Your Brand

Beautiful products are not enough to build trust and authority however and this is very important to understand.

It is crucial that you have a great website, quality products and great packaging. This brand should also be represented by a strong logo and it should be driven by a strong mission statement. Your brand should perfectly identify the type of person who should be buying your products and it should qualify itself by implicitly showing who shouldn’t be buying your products.

In other words, don’t try to appeal to everyone but instead make a focused effort to build something that will appeal to a certain type of customer. 

It is vital that your brand stays consistent from your product, to your packaging, your social media, website and most importantly your customer service for your retailers as well as your customers. 

Also, consider creating a personal brand if you are willing to put yourself out there. If you put your name and likeness to your site, then people will feel a little closer to you and they’ll feel like they know you. That in turn creates a lot more trust and means they’ll feel they’re buying from an actual individual rather than a nameless company. For me, I got into so many more stores when they met me, knew who I was, and realized my passion for the industry.  



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