Important things to ask your wedding photographer

You’ve narrowed your list down to your top two or three photographers, but there might still be a few questions you’d like them to answer before you feel comfortable moving forward with confirming them. The photographer is one of the highest expenditures on the wedding day, and they create the memories you look back on for years to come, so make sure you’re happy with them before moving forward!

Here are some suggestions for questions to ask your potential photographers:

  1. Will the photos be retouched and colour balanced? Will I get to see the originals? Some photographers won’t send you the originals, they’ll just send you the finished product with edits and colour balance already done. If this is cool with you, then great! But if you’d like to make the selects from the originals, and tell your photographer which ones you’d like to be edited, then make sure he/she is okay with working like that.
  2. Do you shoot both digital and film? If you’ve got an affinity for film images, make sure your photographer has the experience and skills needed to produce the old-school images. Let the photographer know how many images you’d like in film versus digital, and make sure they’re comfortable with both.
  3. What exactly is included in your package price? Always make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for and whether an album, prints etc are included in the package price. You may think someone is reasonably priced, but they may not give you anything but a disc of images to walk away with. Sometimes being given an album or a framed print really makes the price worthwhile. If you’re having some film images too, check whether processing and printing fees are included in the price.
  4. Will you be my actual photographer? When a photographer is part of a larger company, you never know who might actually be taking your images. Make sure you know and have met the exact person who will be taking your images, and make sure you’ve seen examples of their work so you know you’re happy.
  5. Do you have a back up in case of emergency? You don’t want to even ask this kind of question, but you have to make sure you’re ready for the worst-case scenario. If your photographer gets rushed to hospital or has terrible stomach flu, will they have someone dependable to step in and take charge?
  6. How long will the wait be to see the final images? Sometimes the photos can take months to be ready, so knowing exactly what you’re in for can help manage yours (and your families!) expectations.
  7. How do you work with the videographer? The photographer will need to be comfortable working with someone else who is capturing the wedding day film. If you haven’t booked one yet, ask if they have any suggestions of someone they love working with who is also talented and dependable.
  8. Have you shot at my venue before? If they have, they’ll be able to fill you in on any specific issues the venue might have, or the right lighting to bring along. If not, they should be willing to pop in and get their bearings before your big day.

Keep these questions in mind, and there’s nothing you won’t be prepared for when it comes to your wedding photographer!

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