Including your four legged friend in your big day

If you and your fiance share a special pet together, or you can’t imagine walking down the aisle without your childhood dog (or other animal!), we have some tips for you before your big day arrives!

Check out these unique ways to make sure your pet is included and the wedding runs smoothly:

  1. During the ceremony: This is a great opportunity for the animal to take the place of a ring bearer or flower girl. You can dress them up in cute outfits and have them walk ahead of the bridesmaids down the aisle. You can also attach the ring box to the animal’s collar; this is a sure fire way to grab the guests attention!
  2. Make sure you have someone to watch out for them: A ‘Pet Nanny’ is a great idea! Choose someone who isn’t part of the immediate family, but someone who your pet feels comfortable with. Ask them to keep an eye on your pet throughout the day, making sure they’re fed and ready for the photos when the time comes. They’ll also be in charge of getting your pet to and from the venue.
  3. Don’t forget to check with the venue: This is the easiest way to avoid animal catastrophes. If they don’t allow animals, you can still have pictures with your precious pets during off-site photos, but if you want them present then the best place to get married is a farm or ranch. This also means your animals will feel comfortable and will help to avoid any bad behavior from them on the big day.
  4. Inform the photographer: This way, he or she will be sure to keep an eye out for special moments between you and your animal during the big day, and will have an idea of your expectations when it comes to including your animal of choice.
  5. Get your dog to wear a camera: This is an amazing and hilarious way to get footage of your special day from your animals point of view. GoPro sells harnesses to attach to dogs and cats, and I’m sure other arrangements could be made for bigger animals.
  6. Customize your cake toppers: Include your furry friends in your cake toppers to complete the picture of you and your partner and take your sweet surprise to the next level!
Animals become family, and sometimes they’re more important to you than your closest friends, so why shouldn’t you include them in the biggest day of your life?

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