It’s been done over and over, but should we ombre again or not?

To ombre or not to ombre?

Now I know this particular hairstyle has been around for ages but I also know that instead of being old news, it is now gaining popularity and we are all saying – do we ombre or don’t we! At the start of a new season, especially the summer ones, we all want a new hairstyle, something fresh and fun and allowing us to shed our dull winter hair! Ombre can be done on anyone, any hair and any hair colour. I have found some great celebrity pics showing all the different hair colors and how everyone can rock the ombre hair look.

Ciara – Wow you go girl – doesnt she just look fierce!!! Ok, I am having a Tyra Banks moment here but she does look absolutely grrrrrrrr. This is a very contrasted ombre look but it absolutely works for her as she has that gorgeous dark skin and eyes. This look is definately not subtle and does stand out in the crowd but if you can rock it, own it!

Jessica Biel – This is definately a more adventurous looking ombre as Jessica has quite dark roots but then has decided to go with quite a blonde ombre look but I think it works for her. Her features are not too dark and she has those lovely light eyes with fair skin so she can carry this look off well without looking too overdone and contrasting.

Lauren Conrad – For all your blonde gals out there, how gorgeous does this ombre look! Slightly darker honey tones at the root before gradually fading naturaly into a lighter blonde, this just screams beach chic to me and looks so natural and fresh.

Sandra Bullock – Now for all you brunettes out there fearing the ombre look and how you would end up looking like a scarecrow who has spent too much time down at the beach frazzled, this hair look can work for you. It is all about being subtle and not having the two different colors too contrasting. Sandra here has her natural dark brown hair but then it slowly fades to almost a lighter brown color and doesnt it look fab. Now you can see this has been done very very well so ladies, when making the move over to ombre, make sure you go to a reputable hair stylist as the last thing you want to look like is white and dark chocolate smooshed together. NOT A GOOD LOOK! We are not zebra’s!

So ladies, do you dare to take the leap?? I know that Nicoletta is thinking about taking the ombre plunge so maybe she will put up some before and after pics for us. As I said before, you need to choose your hair stylist carefully as this is not about just throwing on some hair dye and off you can go – this is about mastering the ombre look and making sure you dont look too brittle and contrasting and what to try look as natural as possible.

(Beauty editor, contributing writer and sister of Nicoletta)

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a makeup artist and hair stylist based in Los Angeles.

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