Know how to find your audience

We just talked about the importance of knowing your audience through market research so that you can position yourself in a way that people relate to, resonate with and believe in. It is vital to find your niche.

The next step is to be where your market spends most their time.

Creating your own forum or message board is great, but it’s always easier to connect with people within the social platforms and websites they are already familiar with and actively use.

What one social media platform is most commonly used by your core audience?

When conducting research for one of my markets, I discovered that most of my younger customers spend more time on Twitter or Instagram while the older generation seems to prefer Facebook.


You might even find that your ideal customer likes some other platform entirely, like Pinterest, TikTok, or YouTube.


The point is: do your research and find out where they are spending their time online. Then join the discussion!


Set up accounts on these platforms and create a content plan that stays true to your brand. Don’t confuse your business brand with your personal life, either. You’ll want a separate account where you’re going to share expert advice and high-quality information that targets specific areas of your niche. I know that can be tough. I have two accounts my personal (@nicolettadaskalakis) and my business (@bridesandhairpins) and it can be tough to manage the two.  I don’t like to automate my posts either.  I want the posts to be in real-time and be authentic to that moment or day.


You don’t need family photos or your political views on your business platform. Keep it separate to your personal one and keep it focused!


Also, don’t over extend yourself or you’ll lose your ability to truly connect with your audience through consistent engagement. Instead, choose one or two of the platforms where your customers spend the most time and set yourself up.  For me it’s instagram and facebook.


Create a consistent theme across all platforms as well. Use the same color scheme and other components and elements so that you’re able to solidify your brand and become instantly recognizable. This is critical when it comes to creating a well-known brand that people identify.


Use a good professional photo and profile picture. If you need royalty-free images, try Dreamtime or Shutterstock. It’s usually best to spring for a good professional photo you can use on across your platform.


Create a killer bio, focusing on what really matters to your audience.  This will include relevant keywords that instantly identify who you are and what your focus is. And of course, include a link to your website or squeeze page where you offer a free incentive for joining your inner circle.

Then, spend time connecting with your core audience!  Offer quality information, link back to a blog or website as often as possible and focus on delivering value.

That’s how authorities are created. J

Tip: Look for things like:

  • Commonly asked questions posted by your target audience.
  • Posts with a high number of comments or likes.
  • Posts with the highest number of social shares.

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