Kyle + Kaitlin Wedding

“Love is the passion that we feel inside of our hearts that we can’t hide. We pretend to hide it, but it burns us more and more until the pain grows and grows and it never ends.”

As you will see from the electricity of this wedding shoot, Kaitlin and Kyle were like the quintessential Hollywood love story, one of those rare pairs you meet from time to time that literally had instantaneous chemistry when they first met. It was an instant connection. In my experience that is the exception not the rule and my advice to most of my single friends is not to expect a Hollywood script from their love lives. A lot of times the prince charming end up being one of your best friends that you fall in love with over time. My husband and I laugh when we think about what we put each other through and the time it took for us to realize that we were meant to be.

Going back to the shoot, on January 13th I worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards and was very inspired by some of the beautiful looks I saw on the red carpet. I wanted to incorporate a combination of these looks in this bridal shoot. Kaitlin’s look was inspired by Jessica Alba’s makeup at the 2013 Golden Globes. For Kaitlin’s makeup I used a lot of peachy, bronzy tan colors which I knew would compliment her skin perfectly. I kept her lash line very dark and used lash inserts to create her sultry look. For her lips and cheeks I wanted something very fresh and natural yet with a pop of color. When looking for inspiration for Kaitlin’s makeup the first thing that caught my attention was that she had striking, Sophie Dahl doe eyes. I wanted to be sure that the camera caught how striking her gaze could be. For Kaitlin’s hair I was inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s updo at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. This look was very put together, using textures and waves to give an elegant but edgy twist. Kaitlin wore an absolutely gorgeous from Lovella Bridal. It had a beautiful whimsical feel to it. The gorgeous bridal bouquet is by Farabela’s Touch in Glendale. We used two beautiful bouqets that were embedded with jewels and rhinestone accents.

For Kyle’s look, again I liked Bradley Cooper’s hair at the Golden Globes. His hair looked natural and flowed but was still put together. For his makeup I kept the focus on keeping things natural.

To see more of their stunning pictures please go to my facebook fan page.

TO love and all that’s in between….

Stay beautiful,

Bridal Makeup & Hair Styling: Nicoletta Daskalakis
Grooming: Nicoletta Daskalakis
Photography: Beauty and Photography
Wedding Dress: Lovella Bridal
Bridal Bouquet: Farabela’s Touch
Bridal Hair Accessories: Brides and Hairpins

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