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I feel so blessed to have two beautiful sisters in my life. Honestly it’s the best fun and I appreciate them so much!! We exchange clothing, shoes, makeup, hair accessories, and loads of life advice. My sisters both live thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the pits and skype is just not enough. So when my older sister booked her ticket to visit me in Los Angeles, I couldn’t sleep for weeks from excitement. It was 10 days of absolute happiness and now I am super sad she is not here. I did her makeup and hair every day that she was here, I was in heaven! Here is a video we did while in Vegas. My sister had crazy jet-lag and for some reason she was really bloated in her face, so I didn’t want to make her makeup too heavy. We decided to do a Kate Middleton Makeup look. The princess always looks so fresh and clean faced with very natural makeup no matter where she is going. So even though we partied in Vegas, I decided to go for the soft look.

Enjoy the makeup makeover video and if you have a sister just tell her how much you appreciate and love her!

Have a beautiful weekend,

Here are the makeup products I used in the video:

Primer: Giorgio Armani Face Primer
Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk #5.75
Concealer Primer: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray
Under-eye Corrector: Giorgio Armani Color Corrector #2
Concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #2
Under-eye Powder: Laura Mercier Eye Brightening Powder
Face Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Eyebrow: MAC Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow
Eyeshadows: MAC Vanilla Pigment, MAC Mulch, MAC Handwritten
Eyeliner: Giorgio Armani #2
Mascara: Giorgio Armani #1
Eyelash Curler: Shu Uemura
Eyelashes: # 747xs
Blush: Nars Orgasm
Contouring: Smashbox Contour Palette
Highlighting: MAC Soft and Gentle
Lip: Lancome Stylista Matte Lipstick, Giorgio Armani Lipgloss #1

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist based in Los Angeles, CA

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