Meet Our Sophia

One year ago today we discovered that we were pregnant. At the time we were excited, thrilled, and perhaps even a little scared. As new parents we were completely unsure of what to expect. Everything we thought and felt was entirely imagined. That pretty little thing that was to come into our lives was tucked away out of sight in a growing tummy.

Its hard to explain what happens after you first hold your baby. Your baby has done nothing for you. In fact all its done is taken from you. But you feel this love. It has nothing to do with how your baby looks, the color of their eyes or the genetic features you share. You don’t even love the baby because its part of you. You love this little thing just because. It can’t win or lose your love because your love is already there. And your heart seems to grow daily with more love. Its a love that goes beyond your natural capacity. It is a love that would make you gladly lay down your life. Having your heart filled with this supernatural love is the most incredible gift you can ever imagine and that is the blessing of having a child.

Sophia was born at 2:55am on March 13th. It was one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had. From the moment she was born she stared into our eyes for about two straight hours while tears of joy swept our cheeks. Since that day, seeing her grow into this adorable little person is the most exciting adventure. We are so in love with her and our love grows more each day as she shares a new facet of her personality to us. We even miss her when she sleeps and often just watch her while she is dreaming and we have to pinch ourselves knowing that we made this little bundle of joy.

We did her newborn photo shoot when she was 10 days old. As new parents who are also working, we only found the time now to put these pictures up. 🙂 I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we did taking them.

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