Mission Impossible: Paula Patton’s perfect holiday makeup…and THAT HAIR!!

Your mission if you choose to accept it….. to create gorgeous bouncy waves, and perfect holiday makeup as seen on Paula Patton.

Image Credits: ca.ibtimes.com, mtv.com, andrewmorel.com

So Friday night, I dragged my husband to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (yes I think I may be a bigger fan than him).  I really liked the leading lady in the film, Paula Patton.  She is a beautiful woman, and I just loved her hair in the movie.  I like that her hair was mid-length and looked super shiny and healthy.  I had a lot of my hair chopped off this week, and I think I prefer it being more manageable at mid-length.  Here she is in THAT GREEN DRESS (above left), I love her hair swept to the side.  This is very popular now, and a lot of my brides are asking to achieve this look.  It’s very simple, and chic.  It’s a great look as you can really play up the eyes and have fun with your makeup!  You can achieve this look by taking a large barrel curling iron and curl your hair away from your face.  Once the curls have cooled down, brush through your curls with a boar bristle brush to smooth out your curls to create a soft wave.  I love to coat my ends with a teeny amount of argan oil to give lots of shine.  Style and finish off with a satin finishing hair spray.

Paula Patton attended the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol premiere in Dubai (above middle).  She wore her hair half-up half-down.  I love that it’s slightly messy with the curls moving in different directions.  This is a really fun look for all different occasions.  You can achieve this look by curling your hair with both a large and medium sized curling iron.  Curl the hair in different directions so as not to make it too uniform.  Tease the crown of your hair to create height, then sweep your hair softly back and secure with bobbypins.

I love her hair swept back tightly into a pony tail at the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol premiere in Rio de Janeiro (above right).  To achieve this look, you can sweep all your hair into a ponytail, once secured, you can take individual pieces and curl them using a large curling iron. Make sure you mist with a light hairspray on top of your hair to get rid of any fly aways and smooth with a comb.

Image Credits: glamour.com, beautifulgirls1.com

Now for my favorite look of all.  This is her at the  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol premiere in London.  I simply love the eyeshadow!  Looks like she took a smudgy shimmery charcoal color and dusted it all across her lids and slightly winged it out.  She also smudged a darker color into the lash line to create that fullness.  I also love her cheek color it’s just the right amount of peachy pink.  A few days ago, I bought a shimmery pink gloss from Victoria’s Secret. It’s from the new Beauty Rush Dazzleshine lip gloss line.  Looks like she is wearing one of those sparkly glosses 😉  Her hair is just so gorgeous too, I love the big bouncy shiny locks.  To get this look use a round brush when blow drying and take large velcro rollers around the hair and let cool.  Smooth over with a serum, hair spray and voila! Simple 😉

For all the die-hard action movie fans, this one is a must.  I went through two large bowls of popcorn without realizing it, it was intense from start to finish.  Loved it!

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