My 5 Stages of Hunger

I wanted to make this video for women like me who raise their kids, run their business, clean their homes, cook, and shop for groceries (thanks, Amazon). Women who do it all. I want to tell you how I have managed to create a successful business and raised perfect children.  

By the end of this video, I will tell you my biggest epiphany and how it’s changed my life. I am going to give it to you straight in the 5 stages of hunger.

  1. Not being able to see through the keyhole. When my first child was born, we lived in this tiny little place as we were so financially strapped. We had put every bit of saving into my business, and we were in crazy debt. I remember having to nurse her while packaging orders, typing emails, and making accessories. Only because if she wasn’t nursing, she was screaming. I was only able to sleep between 10pm – 2am because that was my husband’s shift to take our screaming baby out into the wilderness in the night so I can get some sleep. Doctors told me she was high maintenance, and she needed medication. Meanwhile, I was eating a loaf of bread a day with peanut butter, and guess what, she was allergic to peanuts in my milk! So in our tiny little apartment, we were up to the ceiling with boxes, veils, accessories, breast milk, diapers, and burpee cloths.

2. The second lesson was saying no to no and taking risks. The risk is always different for everyone. I had a list of my dream stores I wanted to get into, and I remember carrying my little one in the carrier as she would scream if she lay down horizontal—cold calling stores. Not only did I get the phone slammed down on me over and over, but there was also one call that changed everything for me. She told me I am young, even though I was hungry; she said I was inexperienced and needed 15 years at least in the industry to get ahead. Her last words were that I would get eaten by sharks, and I need to stop what I am doing. When I put my phone down, I remember being so upset, and after a minute, I was like, no, my brand is incredible, and I knew I needed to change the game.

3. Needing emotional connection. I was so hungry to get my brand out there and have people fall in love with the brand I put my heart into. I knew brides, and I LOVED weddings. This was so personal to me. I got on the road pregnant with my boy and often took my little toddler with me, and I went door to door to all my dream stores pulling my case of accessories. It was chaos, but my heart was bursting to make something happen.

4. Finding my team. After 4 years of eating canned beans, I was ready for the steak. I got to build a team and focus on building the brand’s vision all the while I was able to spend time with my little ones.


5. The notion that there is no such thing as balance. It’s so hard not to feel tremendous mom guilt any time we step away from being a mom. Once I would finally see “oh, this is actually working”, the pressure was released. The hardest thing for so many of us is wanting to be the perfect businesswomen, have the ideal diets, create morning rituals, write in our gold and white journals, have our morning routine set out, have meal plans, relaxing date nights. That doesn’t exist. Some days are smooth sailing, and there are other days where my life is complete chaos, but I get to stop and kiss my babies, cook their food, tickle them on the floor, play silly billy’s all within minutes of jumping on client calls. Balance doesn’t exist when you are both a full-time mom and a full-time businesswoman. I think it’s so different for everyone and we have to follow what works for us.  

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