Bridal Shoot Photography by Nicoletta Daskalakis

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well and gearing up for a wonderful summer. Things over here in the sunny skies of Los Angeles have been rather busy but I did get the opportunity to work with the lovely and beautiful Anne and wanted to share a few of the photos from our shoot. The location of the shoot was the Pasadena courthouse, which is arguably one of the city’s most frequently photographed city landmarks, so we tried to keep the angles fresh and unconventional. As most of you know, my husband is a photographer and I am so blessed that we get to collaborate our talents and produce something we both love and are proud of! We went with a high contrast lighting setup to keep the shoot looking romantic and emotional and given that it was one of those hot sticky desert days we did our best to stay in the shadows and cooler parts of the building!

Anne has incredible deep brown eyes. I kept her eyelids light and shimmery to show them off as much as possible. I also went with a strong lip knowing that with Anne’s warm skin complexion she could pull off an orangey yellowish red. I blended three gorgeous lipsticks hues from Hourglass. The weather was quite sticky so using my Giorgio Armani Primer worked like a charm!

Anne’s beautiful brown eyes reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones. Sometimes when someone has beautiful eyes, depending on their lid type a simple shimmery color can really make them pop.

I hope you enjoy the photos! More updates on my life and beauty tips to come!

Stay beautiful!

Photography: Nicoletta Daskalakis
Dress: Aria Collections
Makeup and Hair: Nicoletta Daskalakis

By Nicoletta Daskalakis

For those lovely readers who don’t know, Nicoletta Daskalakis is an Orange County and Los Angeles based photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist with a focus on bridal beauty and weddings.

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