New York Bridal Market 2018

It took me 8 months to design my 2019 Collection.  This year we showcased my new collection at The London Hotel in New York.  Until then we had always showcased at The Piers. It was a different set up, very private.  It was probably my best market so far even though I didn’t like this extremely private setup.  Our Buyers had to go to all the different floors to get to their chosen designers and honestly if I was a designer, buying this way is extremely difficult and frustrating.  There is limited time between each location and most of my retailers didn’t enjoy this buying experience.  One positive aspect however was the one-on-one time with each buyer.  Usually, you would have walk-in buyers walk into your booth while you are having a meeting with a buyer who made an appointment and you would ultimately have to turn them away.  I guess this way forced each buyer to make strategic appointments with the designers they were most interested in.  I got about 30 new stores this market and all my current retailers made orders for their spring collection.  I left New York with a lot of work ahead of me and I was extremely happy! 

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