Not knowing which business to start

There’s nothing more mentally tiring than knowing that you have the skills to do something extraordinary. But, you just don’t know what that something is.


The world works in a unique way. Even if you have all the skills at your disposal to be successful, there’s no guarantee about whether you will be successful. Plus, with the constant peer pressure from watching others succeed, you’re constantly doubting and criticizing yourself.


I was the same way for a long time. I’ve been fortunate enough to possess skills in quite a few different fields of life. My title was photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist, web developer, and web designer, HTML consultant, studio assistant, graphic designer, email marketing manager, headpiece designer, blogger, Photoshop pro, InDesign specialist, and social media guru. I had my doubts about which industry I should be pursuing, and ultimately, I ended up going after all of my passions.

If you’re still in the earlier phases of starting a business and can’t seem to make up your mind about what your business will do, you’re not the first one, and you most definitely aren’t going to be the last one. Let’s get into why I think you’re struggling as an entrepreneur.

You Lack Unique Ideas

It’s straightforward to make another Amazon, but it’s almost impossible to make it successful. You know you’re supposed to do something different as to what everyone else is doing, but you just can’t seem to figure out something unique.

You Have Too Many Unique Ideas

This is what I struggled with. Being good at multiple things really makes it challenging to pick one thing and build a whole business around it.

You’re Afraid of the Risk

A big chunk of young entrepreneurs put their journey to an end when they can’t cope with the risk. Even if you have a billion-dollar idea in your mind, you’re reluctant to invest time and money into your business out of fear of failure.

So, what can I do to help you out? This isn’t really a place for a cheat sheet to start a 7-figure business. No training or education in the world could prepare you to handle the pressure of being a struggling entrepreneur. I can’t do much other than offer two suggestions.

Number one is something that a lot of billionaires you see today had to face: failure. No matter how talented you are, there’s no guarantee that things will work out on the first try. Hell, there’s no guarantee if things will work out ever. Becoming an entrepreneur is the biggest gamble in the world. You’re investing your whole life in something that could nose-dive into the dirt within a few months. I’m not just saying this to discourage you. It’s a given rule of entrepreneurship, and you should come to terms with it before you dip your toes in the industry.

Secondly, you will get nowhere if you are not willing to take a risk. You have to go into entrepreneurship knowing that it may not work out and being ok with that. It will hurt you deeply if you never take that risk. 


This was just my take on the topic and what I think about the whole scenario. If you really liked what I said and want to talk more about my journey, I would love to hear from you!

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