Nushin & Fayaz Henna Party Pre-Wedding Celebration – Day 1

So here are the final pictures I received from Nushin and Fayaz’s awesome photographers, Riz and Lisa Photography. If you haven’t seen them already, here are the pictures of their Wedding Ceremony celebrations as well as their Reception pictures. For Nushin’s makeup and hair look, she wanted to create something fun and colorful. I love color! I used three different shades of blues on her eyes and of course created a strong winged look which the bride loves. I used several hair pieces in her hair in order to create the height and hold the dupatta in place without weighing her down. I create a traditional hair braid but with a fish tail twist 😉 I also attached fresh flowers in her hair as well. This was a very colorful event and I loved creating this beautiful look on Nushin. She really looked amazing! The first pictured attached I took with my own little camera 😉 My team and I also did the makeup and hair for her wonderful mom and her sisters and bridesmaids. Don’t you just want to jump into these pictures and join them, looks like such fun!

To Nushin and Fayaz…never stop dancing with each other and making each other glow as you did on this amazing day!

Bride Makeup & Hair: Nicoletta Daskalakis
Bridal Party Makeup & Hair: Nicoletta Daskalakis Makeup & Hair Team
Photography: Riz & Lisa Photography

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