Our favorite wedding cake alternatives for your big day

Although we love a good and delicious wedding cake, if you’re looking for a less traditional option for your big day, look no further! You don’t have to have vanilla sponge and buttercream to call it a ‘wedding cake’ or be able to cut into it to make it official. Here are our favorite wedding cake alternatives:
  1. A donut tower: This is such a unique way to kick off the dessert part of the day, and a great idea for a breakfast or brunch wedding. Mix and match with different flavors and icings, or keep it unified with one choice. You can even stick a little topper into the top of the tower to add some more pizazz like this couple (below left).
  2. A uniquely flavored cake tower: From rum cakes to hummingbird cakes, find or DIY a quirky tower to hold them, and watch your guests marvel at the height, taste and colors you choose (below centre).
  3. Cheesy tiers: This is a firm favorite amongst many couples, especially those where neither person has a big sweet tooth. Pile your favorite wheels of cheese on top of each other and adorn with fresh figs and grapes (below right).
  1. A table of bite sized pastries: This is amazing when you and your partner can’t decide or agree on one type of dessert to serve. Choose a variety of cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, fudge, brownies and more and let guests eat their hearts out! (below left)
  2. A crepe cake: This is a super unique option and so delicious if you and your partner love a good pancake on a Sunday morning! Bring that into your wedding day with this gourmet option (below centre).
  3. Homemade dessert pies: If your family or friends are known for their amazing cherry, blueberry or pumpkin pies, stay true to yourselves and make these your dessert of choice! (below right)
Every little thing on your wedding day, should reflect you and your partner, down to the dessert!

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