Our top reasons to have a Summer wedding

Although it seems like most brides have their weddings in Summer, and it may feel overcrowded for you, there are definite positives to choosing Summer as your wedding season.

Here are our top reasons:

  1. More family and friends can attend: If you give people enough notice, more of your guests will be able to attend. There are less school and work commitments during this time of the year, and if your wedding is in the heart of Summer, people may be on a break.
  2. The weather and temperatures are more consistent: Fall, Winter and Spring are more unpredictable and the weather could turn at any moment. In Summer, the temperatures and weather patterns are more consistent, and you can be more certain of how your wedding weather will turn out.
  3. It’s easier to have certain aspects of your wedding outdoors: In the other seasons, planning an outdoor ceremony or dance floor under the stars is risky, but in Summer the full offerings of your venue can be used because it’s warm enough to be outside.
  4. There are more flowers in bloom: From June to August, there is usually the highest number if flower options for brides than any other time during the year. You can always get the flowers you want, but outside of the Summer months you may have to pay extra expenses to have them shipped or flown from the places that they’re in season.
  5. Bright colors are welcome: Winter weddings often incorporate the moodier color palettes to match the weather and not look to out of place. The opposite is true for Summer weddings, where you can go wild with pops of color and bright decor splashes, that tie in perfectly with the mood of the season.

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