Overcoming The 2020 Setback

Successful people have to deal with a lot of setbacks in order to get where they are. This is a key component of success. Last year was a major setback for the whole world.  The good thing however is most of us slowed down and started to use our time wisely. Who else learned to bake bread and homeschool? 

Given that setbacks are going to happen, having a plan for dealing with them is imperative. A little preparation goes a long way.

Consider these strategies to move forward quickly from your next setback:

  1. Become resilient. Use this time to grow stronger in your faith and purpose.  Resilience is the key to getting back up from being down.
  2. Become determined. A setback can be used to solidify your determination. Maybe you haven’t been 100% committed and this is your wake-up call. Are you ready to answer that call?
  3. Use the setback to become stronger. What can you learn from this setback? Use this situation to become better than you were before. Get what you can from the setback and come back even stronger.
  4. Spend time with a supportive friend. Maybe you just need some time with an uplifting friend that will give you a hug and a pep talk.
  5. View the setback as a challenge. View your setback as a puzzle to be solved. Or a test of your determination. Or a challenge for you to overcome.
  6. Keep your emotions in check. Avoid getting too emotional if those emotions are likely to derail your future efforts. Anger can be useful. Hopelessness cannot. Strong emotions can lead to poor decisions.
  7. Accept responsibility. Take all of the responsibility for your setback. If you blame someone else, you lose your power to change your situation. It doesn’t matter where the failure occurred. Accept the responsibility. It might not be fair, but what other choice do you have?
  8. Get expert advice. A setback might be a sign that it’s time to call in an expert and receive some assistance. This could be in the form of a mentor, consultant, or wise friend. Get the help you deserve. However, ensure that you’re receiving assistance from someone that actually can help!
  9. Get a fresh perspective. 2020 was a time to try to see your situation from a different angle. Ask someone you trust for their viewpoint on your situation.
  10. Set a new goal. A significant setback might be a sign that it’s time to set a new goal. The conventional wisdom is that you should never give up, but there are actually things that are out of reach or require so much time and energy that they’re not worth it to you.

What Will You Do?


Setbacks will happen. In our case last year it was the entire world that had a setback. Everything in our lives had to be adjusted from our goals, health, finances, relationships, and career.


How you decide to handle these setbacks influences the type of life you’ll live.


It’s easier to deal with something if you’re prepared. Ask yourself how you would deal with a major setback in your life. How do you think you would handle it? Do you have a plan?


Become a master at dealing with setbacks, and you’ll live a successful and fulfilling life.

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