Parenting During Covid-19


Today I got to my son’s school (a little early) and I saw all the little 4 year olds sitting in the cafeteria. When my boy saw me his eyes lit up and I could see his heart leap for joy. All the kids were sitting alone in their own space at their own table eating. Alone. Socially distanced. No one talking. I removed my mask (I was alone outside and screw it) I smiled and waved frantically like a clown at all those little faces. I wanted to run inside and hug them all. Kids need to hug each other and love on each other.

School from 4 is mandatory in many countries. Wearing masks all day is mandatory. Socially distancing from each other is mandatory. I battle with all this. Mom’s today you are not alone if you feel the same way too. 

We have had to learn so many new skills as moms, entrepreneurs and even our place in our communities.  We have so much more responsibility than ever before to be a light to others.  This is our job.  Our kids need us to be resilient and strong.  I know so many things have bothered me during this pandemic.  Sending my kids to school with masks on for one and secondly having my kids learn about social distancing at school.  This upsets me deeply.  Kids are meant to love each other and offer comfort.  

Now this past year has been so hard for all of us from so many aspects. We read the gloom and doom and reality is that this life is so far from perfect. I have seen however that people are bonding from afar clinging onto the dreams and hopes of a better time. We’ve all been humbled and this humility is what is now bringing us all together. I know all business owners are cheering each other on. We have all cried lots of lumpy tears for each other’s businesses. I know every mother has felt the pain of wanting their child to have a “normal” life free from social distancing. Every marriage has had to be stripped raw of the walls built up from all the years of busyness. We are seeing how much we need each other.

I can see so much hope ahead of us with this gift of humility we have been given and the desperate cry to put love in front of judgement and hope in front of fear. I know so many of you feel the same. Here’s to building bricks…

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