Praying Over My Children

I believe prayer can change anything.  Prayer is communicating with God.  It is a two way conversation with God and it allows to Holy Spirit to speak to our heart in such a profound way.  From the day I knew I was pregnant with Sophia and then Nicholas I have prayed every day over them.  I use the word OVER as I believe mothers have the power to pave the way for our children. We can pour blessings, protection, wisdom and peace over our children.  Prayer is a choice.  It is an action and it is invaluable.  Being a business owner and entrepreneur is my passion and I love it with all my heart.  But motherhood is my calling and it’s my job to raise up a strong man and woman of God so they can be a blessing to those around them.  They need to know love, feel love, and then ultimately share love as they grow.  They are their own little people and it is not my job to keep them by my side all my life but to raise them up so they know who to turn to in every situation, and in every decision they make. 

Prayer is something we do daily in our home.  I pray out aloud so my kids hear my prayers. I pray with my kids in the car.  I pray with them when they tell me a story about a friend who is sad or hurting.  I pray with them when they are confused. I pray over them when I am putting them to sleep.  I lay my hands over them when they are sleeping.  

My prayers change daily but here are the key things I have prayed for since my kids were born.

  • I have prayed for my children’s spouse. To me the person you marry is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. 
  • I pray that they love Jesus and they share this love gently with others. 
  • I pray for their friendships. Who you are around has a big impact on your life.  I grew up with an incredible group of girlfriends and they impacted my childhood. 
  • I pray that they are always joyful even in the hard times
  • I pray that they are best friends all the days of their life
  • I pray that they know Jesus intimately and they always seek Him
  • I pray that they are forever hungry to know God’s word. To know that the word is living and life-changing. 
  • I pray that they are fearless, humble, kind, selfless, bold, and always filled with courage. 

I am a mom of little ones and I am learning daily.  But I know that God is loving and He loves our children. He has given them to us as a gift.  We are to teach them, guide them, honor them, love them and let them go to be all who God has made them to be.  

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