My Pregnancy Indoor Photo Shoot

Hi friends!

My husband Ben and I, did our indoor pregnancy shoot just before our little baby, Sophia was born. She was five days early, and we have only had some time now to get these pictures up. 🙂 Ben and I had so much fun doing my beach pregnancy shoot at 8 months which was happy and care free! We love to photograph our clients in all surroundings and capture both the indoor and outdoor settings which feel so different. Being pregnant was such a special time for me. I felt vulnerable, sensitive, happy and blessed and I wanted that to come across in these images. We wanted to capture the essence of simplicity, intimacy and beauty as well as the amazing preparation for the birth of our first child. I look back now a month later and I see those first few newborn clothes in the images which she no longer wears and it makes me want to cherish each and every moment even more. Some of the pictures were taken the day before I gave birth and we didn’t realize it at the time how magical those final moments of our pregnancy were.

Our photography style focuses on being holistic that’s unique to every client and bringing forward lasting memories that we know we all forget with time. We can’t wait to share our baby’s newborn photo shoot soon!

Have a beautiful day!

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