Rudy and Shannon Indian Engagement Shoot

“shaadi ek laddu hai jo khay pachtaye jo na khaye pachtaye”. Indian Proverb

I’m very proud of myself for finding the quote but unfortunately I don’t know what it means… All of my Indian brides will be proud of me for the effort however. When I tried putting the Hindi into google translate this is what it gave me, “wedding of Laddu Ha Me which eat Pctaa which not eat Pctaa.” Maybe someone can help me out because I google Laddu Ha and it brought be to Laddoo which is an Indian desert that looks absolutely divine! My husband and I are obsessed with Kheer so ladies if I could get my hands on a new indian desert I would be forever indebted!

Let me start by saying that Shannon was absolutely and positively drop dead gorgeous for this shoot. Her hair is like something out of a dream. As a quick aside ladies if you are like me and weren’t born with hair from heaven please read my blog about what virgin coconut oil does for your hair here. In addition I’m still in the process of trying out another new top secret product…I’ll give you a sneak peak…

I’ll give you a sneak preview of my next top secret, must use amazing hair product…still trying it out and blog to come 😉

So back to Rudy and Shannon. Rudy is an multi-talented entrepreneur Caltech Alumnus looking to change the world. His latest venture, HST Solar Farms , provides innovative solutions for solar contractors. Shannon is currently in medical school at USC. With spring around the corner we thought it was only fitting to shoot these two gorgeous braniacs on the Caltech campus.

For Shannon’s makeup I used a very luminescent foundation to give her that beautiful glow. For her eye makeup, I blended in similar colors as those she wore in her dress. Focusing on the pinks and golds. I gave her a subtle but strong winged eye and luscious lashes. We decided to keep her lips subtle and let her eyes be the focus. For her hair, I created soft waves using a large barreled curler and gave her volume. I sealed in her gorgeous hair with a serum and anti frizz to give it more luster.

The lighting was perfect, the subjects were beautiful and the end result of the shoot was absolutely stunning. We couldn’t be happier.

In the mean time, the next bride to bring me some Laddoo and explain the proverb might just get a free makeup kit from me…

Photography: Beauty and Photography
Makeup & Hair & Grooming: Nicoletta Daskalakis

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist based in Los Angeles. She works out of Los Angeles and Orange Country and works on location.

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