Study Your Audience

Please read my article about how to find your audience. Now know that you’re on the most popular social media platforms that your customer base uses, pay attention. Follow trending hashtags (#) in your area of expertise to see what people are talking about.


“Friend” or “Follow” some other experts and read their posts. Always work towards staying engaged. Comment where appropriate so people begin to associate your brand to be a knowledgeable person and thought-leader.


What you’ll want to focus on is gaining valuable insights that you can later use in your marketing campaigns. You’re researching your customers to see what they need and how you can give it to them. Some researchers call these “pain points” – what are people complaining about or feeling pain from?


Not particularly emotional pain, but what struggles are they facing in their personal or business lives?


This step takes a bit of time, but it’ll be worth it in the end because you’ll know, with certainty, exactly how to solve problems and position yourself as someone who can help them reach their goals.


You can’t possibly learn enough from your core audience based on one or two posts or comments.



Really dig down into these ongoing conversations and see what the majority of people are saying or needing help with within your market.


What do they already know and what do they need to become aware of?


What areas have been exhausted and where do you see a niche you can fit yourself into?

Remember, you’re looking at what the majority needs help with. Never focus your marketing campaigns on what one or two people need help with. Instead, always look for ways to solve the largest problem in your market.


Engage in conversations regularly. This goes beyond just social media as well.  You should be frequently visiting authority blogs, or forums, as well as Facebook groups that include an active audience.


The point is to make yourself visible to stay on people’s radar.


The more you interact and engage your audience, the easier it will be to position yourself an authority in your market.

In fact, you’ll automatically build an audience just because you’ve dedicated time to addressing problems and consistently provided helpful content that resonated with them

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