Summer is here, lets prepare our bods!

Water with lemon
Yes, I know you see this detox phrase in every magazine and I can just picture you rolling your eyes going what else is new – but I am telling you – if you want to detox, water with lemon first thing in the morning will do your body a lot of favors. Now trust me, I am not one of those healthy Zen bunnies that jump at the chance to be all cleansed and my body is my temple-ish. I hate lemon with a passion – I think this stems from when my mom used to give me hot water with lemon and honey when I was sick as a kid and I remember wretching over the sink hating the taste so trust me, I feel your pain with the dreaded water and lemon concoction, BUT GET IT DOWN YOUR THROATS! If I can, you can and it’s great for detoxing and cleansing your system and helps the lymphatic system drain toxins which means clearer complexions and less cellulite! GLUG GLUG FRIENDS GLUG GLUG!!!

Another fantastic benefit of lemons and this isn’t for everyone is it can be a wonderful toner to even out your complexion and fade scaring. I have recently acquired some dark pigmentation on my forehead and nose due to living in this hot Canarian climate and I literally started to freak out so have been trying to research some natural methods to get rid of this. I squeeze a few drops of lemon onto a cotton wad after washing my face and cleanse my face neck and chest with this. Some of you might find this quite hash and it stings a bit so you can always dilute this with water to soften the sensation down but you do wake up with a glowing complexion and I am finding I am really loving the results. Try it out for yourself gorgeous girls and see if you are also finding you get results.

Body Brushing
Yes, I seem to be obsessed with getting rid of lumps and bumps and the dreaded Cellulite word but I am currently living in a hot climate. I left the comforting fold of London, having been bundled up in jeans and jumpers most of the year only to come here and don shorts and sandals and catching my reflection daily as I walk past my full length mirror every morning is enough to make me want to brush my body into a pulp!

Body Brushing is fantastic and I swear it does work! I defy you to try bushing your bums and thighs and not feel a tingly sensation of the circulation pumping through your body. I made my best friend buy the brush on a shopping trip and she looked at me sceptically whilst I pushed her forward to the body shop counter and made her buy it but she called me that night ranting how itchy her legs were after brushing and I gloated tell her that it was her blood burning through all the cellulite. Body brushing improves circulation which will decrease the dimples and also help with toning. Brush from the ankles up towards your heart and you can do this all over. The body shop do a great firm brush that will be quite painful when you start but you will get used to it. No pain no gain ladies. Any firm body brush will do though so see if you can find one at your local stores.

Pop Physique Videos

Ok lovely ladies, lets get moving! Now I know we all want to look great on our wedding day, we want to slink down that aisle and feel amazing but I do not encourage skeletal brides! No man wants to see a malnourished bride walking towards him, one he barely recognizes anymore so ladies, lets be healthy and fit, get exercising but also eating right. I look at these sentences and I do laugh as here am I, with 6 months to go and havent moved a muscle yet whilst scoffing a packet of choc chip cooking sobbing at Grey’s Anatomy. Lets change that! Nicoletta told me about this new phenomenon called Pop Physique and it combines Yoga, Pilates and ballet, 3 exercises I do really enjoy so I decided to splurge and buy the dvds off Amazon. Ok, I have had these dvds since last August and have done them 3 times but I vow to make them a daily part of my new exercise regime. Let me tell you, they are hard, and it burns but those 3 girls bending and stretching like lithe gazelle’s is pretty inspiring. Plus the bonus is, you don’t have to drag yourself off to gym after work but can pop in a dvd at home and get going! I am going to combine these dvd’s with power walking around my neighborhood. I am not one of those people that love exercise, I do it to try look halfway decent so trust me, I feel your pain but just think how fabulous we are going to feel in a few months, how toned we are going to be and how long and lean!!!

Happy Detoxing ladies!!!!

(Beauty editor, contributing writer and sister of Nicoletta)

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a makeup artist and hair stylist based in Los Angeles.

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