Sunny & Dipika Photo Shoot

We had so much fun photographing these two industry related friends who have worked a few times together. I also did the hair and makeup for Dipika.

It’s also so exciting that our shoot was featured on South Asian Bride Magazine!

Sunny, or ‘Sunny T’ has had a pretty interesting and remarkable life on this young film maker. He was actually ambushed as a youngster by a racist gang and took six months to recover. Despite it, he is a fun loving comedian that has used the experience as inspiration for a lot of his work, which provides a window into the wonderful dynamics of Indian culture.

Dipika is equally inspiring. This young beauty queen was nothing but insightful, well spoken and of course beautiful. I had the privilege of doing the beautiful Dipika’s hair and makeup for the shoot. One of the funnest things about my job is getting creative, and I love to play with color and really find what pops. It’s especially powerful with colorful cultures to get the makeup and incredible garments to synergize. With Dipika green worked in beautifully and her beautiful thick black hair looked gorgeous in long waves.

Thank you Sunny and Dipika for being great models!

I absolutely love my job and it’s such a blessing working with beautiful people both inside and out!

  • Photography: Nicoletta Daskalakis Photographer, Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
  • Makeup and Hair: Nicoletta Daskalakis Photographer, Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
  • Clothing and Accessories: Rohini Bedi, LA By Nicoletta Daskalakis

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