Supermodels beauty secret: 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

Miranda Kerr, the Victoria’s Secret Supermodel swears by it and uses it everyday!  She calls Coconut Oil her special secret.  In this picture she just had a baby, and look at her.  Puke! I feel ready to start pouring the stuff all over me 😉  I did the Japanese Yoko System to my hair back in 2007.   I remember waking up the next day and all my hair had fallen out and lay on my pillow.   I went bald in the back and my hair turned bright orange!  I was mortified!  When I went back to the salon that victimized me, they said that my hair has a problem.  If only I was 30, I would have blasted the salon down, instead I walked away all timid! Well it has taken my hair 4 years to finally get back to its normal self.  When I lived in Malaysia, one of my friends out there swore by 100% organic virgin coconut oil in the hair to give it shine, luster and even help it grow.  It has incredible skin and hair enhancing properties.  I was up for anything, so went ahead and tried it!  After three months of soaking my hair in coconut oil every week, I noticed a tremendous difference.  Forget about any expensive masks or conditioners that you find on the shelves or in professional salons, this stuff actually works! Four years later I still tell all my friends to use coconut oil in their hair at least once a week.  Pour the precious oil onto your hair, then take your locks up into a shower cap and wrap a warm wet towel around it.  Leave it for thirty minutes, then shampoo twice.  Trust me you will notice a huge difference.  Coconut oil also has anti-aging properties and can also make your skin very hydrated.  It also treats acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and of course the dreaded wrinkles.  Coconut oil is a good fat, and actually helps you lose weight.  It is said to increase your metabolism and make you feel full for longer and it also improves the thyroid function.   I also even rub the beautiful stuff into my nails to help them grow, it works and on top of it,  has even whitened them.

Please go do yourself a favor and go get yourself some coconut oil.  It is super affordable and its health benefits are incredible.   I would love to hear from you, let me know your thoughts on this.  I want to thank my beautiful friends in Malaysia for inspiring me to use a natural treatment, it literally changed my hair forever!

Have a fantabulous Tuesday evening,

Nicoletta Daskalakis is a hair stylist and makeup artist in Los Angeles, focusing on weddings and brides

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