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So the other day I arrived home and on my door step waiting for me was…. The Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalogue. It’s that time of the year again. The stores are filled with cute tropical summery dresses and skirts, brightly colored bikinis and gorgeous wedges and strappy sandals are everywhere! It’s the time of the year where my brides are looking to create fresh, and feminine makeup and hair looks. Bronzed, tanned skin is back! It’s super important to prep your skin and body for the summer in order to feel your best. For those of you who have met me and know me, you know I am in love with anything summer and know just about any product out there to create the perfect summer look! I have many brides who have booked me this summer and who are asking for me to spray them with my amazing airbrush tanning system. It’s not a good idea to bake in the sunshine in order to get that perfect tan before your wedding. This is not only aging, but you could peal or get really red and blotchy for your special day. It’s important to know how to prepare your skin for a faux bronzed look.

Here are 10 ways to a perfect self-tan and summer skin.

1. Go slow. I have sent a few emails to my brides on how to slowly achieve the tanned look they want. Opt for a moisturizer that gradually builds a subtle tan. Apply it every day after you shower and within a week you will see a slightly deeper color emerge. Note: It’s best to try a few different brands a few months before your big day. I remember trying a few of these self tan’s and lets just say, I smelt like I hadn’t showered in weeks, it was horrific and not fair on anyone sitting next to me.

2. Prep your skin. Shower and exfoliate a few hours before self-tanning. I like to make my own scrub at home. Olive oil and sugar. Being Greek, every time I visit Crete where my parents live, my mom makes me carry back huge heavy bottles of olive oil. It’s just not the same stuff that you find here in the stores U.S. AND olive oil back home is nearly as cheap as bottled water!

3. Moisturize at all times. I remember when I was about 15, I read an article about Naomi Cambell saying that she smothers her skin in Coco Butter Body Moisturizer after every shower. I am a true follower! I don’t think one day goes by where I am not moisturizing my skin. I don’t like feeling dry at all and here in LA the weather can be a little dry. So, focus on your elbows, knees and feet (don’t forget the feet) since those areas tend to be super-dry and can wind up being a little more darker than other areas.

4. Find the right formula. When I was looking into purchasing the right spray tan for my business, it was all about DHA! One of the formula’s I love to tell my brides to get is St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion. I also like their mousse formula too. Make sure you wear gloves! This develops into a beautiful deep bronze color.

5. Hard to reach. If you don’t have inspector gadget arms, ask your mom, friend or husband to get to those hard to reach places like your back and shoulder blades. If you don’t have any help, you can find sponge applicator pads on a long rod to help you reach there. Try the Xen-Tan Hard to Reach.

6. Bronzer. What’s the summer without your favorite bronzer in your makeup kit. My favorite is Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. I don’t know why, but it’s just awesome! It never goes orange! There are many great bronzer’s out there. Try them and make sure though that it’s not too orange. You want to look natural and freshly bronzed.

7. Foundation Matching. It’s also the time of year when you will be purchasing a new foundation color. Most of us have a winter and summer color foundation. I love using a tinted moisturizer in the summer, my favorite being Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or for a less expensive option, the Loreal True Match foundation is a great option. My go to foundation for my clients is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk which creates a gorgeous glow that lasts all day and it’s oil-free!

8. Cream blush. Change your powder blush to a cream blush. This is a great product to use in the summer. I apply my cream blush with two fingers and blend it in. I love the Makeup Forever HD cream blush, it’s beautiful!

9. Skin Finisher. If you are going to a special event or if you are a bride, I love using a type of shimmer spray all over the skin to give that slight glow. I love using Red Carpet Kolour on my lovely brides, it gives the body so much contour as well!

10. Ta dah! Slap on a gorgeous bright colored lip gloss and smile!

Summer really is such a fun season!

Stay beautiful… inside and out

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