The 5 Stages of Hunger

We all have a story. This is my story. I didn’t plan to start my business is probably the most challenging time of my life. When my husband and I talk about the early years of when we started our company we both have tears in our eyes. When I played Ben this video he cried and he held me tight. No one prepares you for the hard times. You have to wing it. Pray. Work hard. Be patient. But it comes at a cost. This looks different for everyone but the struggle is what connects so many of us. I want to hear more stories like mine. I want to hug more women who have pushed through and overcome.

Today, our generation is doing life alone. We build our businesses, raise our children, battle in our marriages, struggle in our minds and we NEED to know that we have each other. I want to know what gets you up in the morning to want to be the best mom, wife, friend, or businesswoman? Please know that your story can help so many women going through their own struggles.

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